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  • Anti-static ESD and Anti-fatigue  Floor Mat -grey roll

    1).Anti-static rubber mat or ground mat should be laid out in the workshops and advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries such as electronic semi-conduct devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits etc.

    2). When anti-static rubber mat (ground mat) are laid out and grounded, the working surface will discharge the static electricity of human bodies so that a near-equipotential can be maintained for ESEDS tweezers, tools, utensils and instruments, through which human bodies contact the working table and static sensitive devices(SSD) are free from broadband interference produced by static discharging such as triboelectrification etc. In this way, electrostatic protection is realized

    3). To eliminate damages caused by static electricity.

    4) Composite layer structure of an effective cushion foot pressure, alleviate fatigue;


    Anti-static rubber sheet , also called anti-static pad, insulating rubber sheet, mainly made with conducting electrostatic materials, static dissipative material and synthetic rubber, etc. Products generally have two layer structure, surface layer is static dissipative layer, and the underlying is for conductive layer. The surface layer is a 0.5mm thick static-dissipative layer. The bottom layer is 1.5/2.5mm conductive layer. Generally, 2mm/3mm thick double-layer structure is used.

    Anti-static mat's service time is long, and has the very good acid proof, alkali proof,prevent chemical flux characteristics, and wear resistant, It's also easy to clean.


    Electronics Factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Chemical plant, Clean room , Laboratory


    1. Thickness 2mm / 3mm 
    2. Standard size: 1.0m*10m*2mm/3mm, 1.2m*10m*2mm/3mm
    3. Up side surface resistance 10E7-10E9 ohm
    4. Using advanced production technology, the surface resistance is 

      10e3-10e5Ω, permanently prevent static electricity;

    5. Composite layer structure of an effective cushion foot pressure, alleviate fatigue;
    6. Inside net structure, resistance in average
    7. Surface resistance: 10^7-10^9Ohm
      Bottom resistance: 10^7-10^9Ohm
      Volume resistance: 10^7-10^9Ω㎝
    8. Color Green / Grey / Blue / Black
    9. Surface effect Dull / Glossy
    10. Static decay in short time: <0.1s
    11.  life more than 2 years
    12. Easy to clean and  easy-to-move,  does not affect the normal working environment;
    13. Non-slip surface, acid and alkali resistant, safe to use.