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  • ESD Ecological Anti-static Floor Mats - homogenous layer

    Environmental protection single-layer homogeneous antistatic rubber / floor mat:  wear-resistant

    ESD General Purpose Mats are made of a single layer homogenous polymer mix with ESD properties. They have a light texture. These General Purpose ESD Mats are designed to provide a static safe work surface to protect static sensitive devices. They are low cost, durable, easy to cut, and are reversible. Service temperature is -20 degrees F to 160 degrees F.

    Product Features:

    The product has no sulfur, no pungent odor, does not contain Pd, Cd, Hg, Cr (VI), PBBs, PBDEs, does not contain F, CI, Br, I and other chemical elements, environmental protection and long service life.

    Environmental protection rubber single-layer homogeneous penetrating structure; using nitrile rubber as the main material and adding auxiliary materials such as high-quality conductive carbon black and static dissipative, the product has good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance. Anti-combustion resistance, high elasticity, flat surface without curling, etc.

    1) Material: anti-static material and synthetic rubber 

    2) Thickness: 2mm 

    3) Size: width: 0.6, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2m; length: 10m 

    4) Color: green, gray, light blue, royal blue, black and etc 

    5) Surface: glossy or dull 

    6) Top layer surface resistance: 10e6-10e9 Ohm 

    7) Bottom layer surface resistance: ≤10e6 Ohm 

    8) Static voltage attenuation period (5000–500V): <1.9s 

    9) Flame retardation: >10s 

    10) Tensile strength: 3.6Mpa 

    11) Fracture elongation: 188% 

    12) Tear elongation: 20.6KN/m 

    13) Rebound elasticity: 14% 

    14) Impact embrittlement temperature: No damage at -25℃ 

    Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Computer Operators, Computer Technicians, Electronic Assembly, Fiber Optics Manufacturing, Hospitals and Solar industries.